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Dedicated to the celebration of nature and protection of our public lands.

Founder of Coyote Clan, Mimi Mather, has devoted her career to public-sector and “do-gooder” design and planning projects. A landscape architect keen on storytelling, Mimi has been at it for twenty years.  Mimi plans for both recreation and conservation on public lands and has worked on management plans for federal, state and local public lands across the country. Committed to stewardship and inspiring greater care for our planet, Mimi looks for creative ways to support non-profits, entrepreneurs and land management agencies in shaping their stories, visually representing their projects and values, and amplifying calls to action. Personable and a stickler for productive meetings, Mimi also frequently coordinates partner and stakeholder collaboration and facilitates workshops and community engagement. 

“The canyons of southern Utah are giving birth to the Coyote Clan – hundreds, maybe even thousands of individuals who are quietly subversive on behalf of the land.

Members of the clan are not easily identified, but there are clues. You can see it in their eyes. They are joyful and they are fierce. The Coyote Clan are a raucous bunch: they have drunk from desert potholes and belched forth toads. 

The Coyote Clan is also serene. They can float on their backs down the length of any river or lose entire afternoons in the contemplation of stone.”  

Eulogy for Ed Abbey, An Unspoken Hunger —Terry Tempest Williams